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Basic Water Pillow

Basic Water Pillow
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Core ProductsTM 294 orthopedic support pillow is two pillows in one! The material contains 100% cotton fiber with a built-in sateen-striped soft cotton cover. You also get an insert which is a removable water chamber (picture shown) which can be used as a pillow alone. Choose to use the basic water pillow or place the insert inside the cotton cushion. If you move while sleeping, the water instantly responds. The displacement panel quiets the sound of the water so you can rest peacefully. The trapezoid shaped water chamber also provides proper cervical neck support if used alone. When using the pillow and the water chamber insert together, snoring issues may improve. Filling the chamber with distilled water is fast and easy by observing the measurement markings indicated. Just fill to your desired firmness, then seal the plug securely to avoid leakage. This basic water pillow alone is great for someone who prefers a cool pillow, i.e. menopausal issues or just for resting on for pain relief in the cervical area. (Elevate the water pillow to your preference.) Instructions are included. Fits in a standard pillowcase.
(16 1/2"W x 27"L) 

Features Benefits
Unique no mess water chamber Allows therapeutic cervical neck support that is comfortable while sleeping.
Two pillows in one Use separately, if desired
Water chamber provides coolness Keeps your head and neck cool while sleeping or resting, i.e. menopausal issues

Customer Reviews

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Versatile and ComfortableI like the fact that I can use the water chamber as a separate pillow and still have use of the actual pillow. It is like having 2 pillows in one. The outside is very soft, but I use a pillow case to cut down on washing which seems to be time consuming. My husband likes this pillow too! Written by Nancy Hill on Tue 28 Apr 2015 11:34:48 PM GMT
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Basic Water PillowBasic Water Pillow

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