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Jeanie Rub Massager Variable Speed

Must Have for Chronic Pain
Jeanie Rub Massager Variable Speed
How to Operate Your Professional Massager
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This Jeanie Rub Variable Speed MassagerTM provides a custom massage of 1400-4600 rpm. This product is manufactured in the US and you will be happy with the high quality workmanship due to its cast aluminum durable construction. The 4"x9" vinyl pad allows for a deep penetrating, oscillating action so that the operator does not really have to apply pressure. It has an adjustable switch allowing for fingertip control. You will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of blood circulation and relaxing of sore muscles. Use it in a professional environment for ten minutes or less for a deep massager. Home use is also easy with this massager when operated by a responsible individual. Even though it can be for personal use, an operator is recommended to get the best use of this machine. A 12 foot grounded power cord allows mobility and flexibility. (1 year warranty) (11"L x 7 3/4"W x 5 1/2"H) (120V AC)

Features Benefits
Finger tip adjustment Allows easier control
Oscillation action No need to apply pressure and more effective than percussive massagers
Cast aluminum construction Durability
Professional Massager Favorite among professionals for over 30 years
Home Use Allows a responsible individual access to therapeutic benefits of a massage
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